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11 May 2015
Popular Kpop Girl Groups in 2015
Using the passage of energy, there have come a lot of revolutions in the arena of music and filmmaking. These days various dance forms and instruments have already been invented, giving a new edge to the entertainment. Even so many kpop stars are busy in bringing new singles and music albums for that audience. Whether it's a girls group or of boys, what the people want is indeed much entertainment and exciting songs. Allow us to check the listing of top 15 most popular kpop girl groups in 2015;
15. Nine Muses
14. Secret
13. Rainbow
12. Dalshabet
11. Miss A
10. AOA
09. Exid
08. Apink
07. After School
06. 4Minute
05. Girls' Day
04. T-Ara
03. Sistar
02. Girls' Generation
01. 2NE1

SNSD, South Korea's # 1 and national girl group is at the most notable notch of GOM TV's hitlist. Their single "Gee" had the biggest hit of 10,000,000 hits followed by the newest single with the group "Tell mr your wish (Genie) with 4,000,000 hits , then accompanied by G-Dragon with 3,000,000 hits. Currently, the gang is getting ready for their next album to be removed on late October or November. Sexy Kpop Girls group 2015

Though of many intrigues the year before, the group had the best comeback ever for it's catchy single "Gee" that also led the trend of "colored skinny jeans", "Crab leg dance" as well as the "Gee" symbol. Their 2nd single, "Tell me your wish (Genie) with all the notion of a sailor generates a big fuss. First is around their military cover that reminisces the entire world war II . Their hack-sack dance as well as their "Leg raise dance". The women show a far more mature image than their previous singles.

Gee became the longest running song on and offline. 2 months online charts and 9 weeks in the KNS Music bank and sold the album for almost 200,000 sales. Their second mini album also sold almost 200,000. The woman group has got the rarest convenience of an organization because usual girl groups doesn't reach the Standard sales of 100,000 except when their seniors, S.E.S was still being in the Kpop. Girls' Generation has become considered as probably the most influential, powerful, attractive, talented and the best girl group. You'll find plans to the group to visit abroad, yet it has to be confirmed first.


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